Congress / Symposium

With organizing a congress or event you have a certain goal in mind. You are critical and have involvement and quality, those things are very important. You have the knowledge about the subject but you do not have the capacity or creativity to organize the congress/symposium.

Els4Organising will gladly take the entire project off your hands, from the very first meeting until the final evaluation. Needless to say, you remain in control at all times. Els4Organising uses your expertise, works together to develop the strongest possible program, find the best speakers, and regularly consult with you about the progress of your project. But you can count on Els4Organising to take care of all the matters that are needed to organize a successful and unforgettable congress. So you will have time for your daily work and during the congress time for networking with your guests.

What we do:

  • Briefing conversations with internal customer
  • Think along with the completion of the program (and also the completion of experience during the event)
  • Taking care of the script, planning and budget
  • Looking and making contact with locations en transport
  • Making reservations for locations and flights
  • Requesting and comparing purchase quotations
  • Provide information and invite customers
  • Registration and confirmations of registrations and cancellations
  • Maintain contacts with speakers, trainers, participants and locations
  • Management and care of printed matter
  • Create a communication plan
  • Organize the administration and record data
  • Keep track of budget administration
  • Evaluate the meetings
  • Local guidance of the congresses (host/hostess)
  • Website management


You will get SOMETHINGELS?!