‘Week of Pain’ Chronic Pain under attention wide public

After almost 3 years of preparation and elaboration, it was finally there. The very first Week of Pain from 26 September to 1 October.

Enjoy the short review of the congress days in this video.

During The Week of Pain, chronic pain was brought to the attention of a broad public. More than 2 million Dutch people live with chronic pain. This not only has a major impact on the daily life, relationships and work of pain patients, but is also a major social cost item: around 20 billion euros per year.

Unfortunately, there is still too little recognition for this problem and the pain patient. Much more research and education is needed. Effective pain management requires better cooperation between therapists, preferably under the direction of the patient.

The Week of Pain is an independent initiative of Pain Together in which more than 50 organizations cooperate. Patient associations, therapists, healthcare professionals and suppliers of products and services have joined forces in the project.

Els4Organising was closely involved in this week’s organization. The two ‘Pain Together’ congress days were among others organized by Els4Organising. The first day was about current knowledge and a different view on chronic pain for medical specialists. The second day was about practical handles for dealing with chronic pain and was for nurses, rehabilitation and complementary therapists, patients etc.During the congress days there was an experience and information market, an idea from Els4Organising, to create more experience during a conference. For example, one could try to lie on a nail mat and what that does to you. If one could try out a massage mattress, one could taste the ‘sandwich pain’ that was served this week by caterer Albron in 9 hospitals in the country.In addition, the premiere of the documentary ‘to drive you crazy’ was published and the book ‘Anonymous’ (in inspiring, educational and informative thriller) and two children’s books about Pain was launched.The Health Deal Chronic Pain was also signed by secretary-general of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, Hans Niendieker, initiator Health Deal Chronic Pain and Pim Giel, initiator Pain Together, including patient delegation. This ‘Health Deal Chronic Pain’ is a new form of collaboration between public and private parties, which enables innovative and cost-saving care innovations to be established and widely applicable.Minister Edith Schippers spoke to the public with a message about this Health Deal. (click here for the message)Cabaret artist Marc de Hond finished the second congress day in a playful and optimistic way with how his paraplegic had become his present.

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For more information about De Week van de Pain go to www.deweekvandepijn.nl