SomethingELS: creative with cake

How do you impress potential clients and how do you stay with them? And how can you easily get an appointment with a potential client?

On January 1, Els4Organising existed 6 years. Of course, it could not be ignored without a creative expression. The out-of-the-box event was already celebrated, but there was also a magazine. With the magazine accompanied by a cake with message Els went into the country, which resulted in very nice and beautiful conversations. The magazine has a description of the projects that Els4Organising has carried out over the past 6 years, tips from beautiful locations and inspiring speakers. The magazine was well received. But also the cake with a cut-out point literally and figuratively tasted good. And the message ‘Els4Organising likes to fill in the missing piece in your organization’ delivered results within a week.

At Takeda they liked the cake so much that they asked Els to do a temporary job at the marketing department Established Brands. A joke of course that they asked Els because of the tasty cake. But the fact that you come up with something that makes an impression makes people remember you. Was it perhaps ‘the blue banana’ as Wouter de Vries called it during one of the presentations that Els heard from him and about which he writes in his book? Because the cake is not only eaten by the person you brought it with, but also goes to colleagues within the company. This is where your name comes to the attention.

Do you also want to taste a delicious cake and receive a magazine?
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Deze taart viel goed in de smaak bij de NFU.

They enjoyed the cake at the NFU ….